Equip Yourself With Gun Safety Knowledge

Equip Yourself With Gun Safety Knowledge

Enroll in one of our firearm classes in Anson, TX

Whether you're a brand-new gun owner or an experienced marksman, you can brush up on your skills at Double Diamond Gun Range. Our NRA-certified instructors teach a wide range of classes for gun owners in Anson & Abilene, TX. We have concealed and open carry classes where you can earn your Texas license to carry.

Our team of knowledgeable instructors will teach you all about gun safety and help you feel confident operating a firearm. To enroll in one of our firearm classes, call 325-823-4867 today.

Learn more about our inclusive firearm classes

All of our gun safety classes are aimed at giving you the education you need to be a responsible gun owner. On top of that, we offer courses that are specifically created to help you learn different skills and sharpen the ones you already have. Our current classes include:

  • First Shot, which is a program from the NRA that introduces first-time shooters to guns and gun safety. The course also covers how to operate and clean a firearm safely.
  • Women-only classes, which is our class geared towards self-protection for women of all ages.
  • NRA classes, that are each designed for particular skill levels.
  • Security guard classes, which are for individuals in this line of work who want to be more equipped to navigate their job safely while keeping others safe.


We can also create custom classes to meet your needs. Our qualified instructors have even taught firearm classes to local police departments. If you're not sure which class is for you, just ask one of our team members for a recommendation.

Call 325-823-4867 now to enroll in one of our gun safety classes.


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