Try Out Your New Rifle at Our Gun Range

Try Out Your New Rifle at Our Gun Range

Visit our shooting range in Anson, TX

Every shooting range is different. You wouldn't bring a shotgun to a range or a handgun to a skeet range. Finding the right range for your firearm is important so you can enjoy your firearm in the appropriate environment. Double Diamond Indoor Gun Range is a rifle-friendly range utilized by those in the Anson and Abilene, TX areas. You can sharpen your skills as a shooter and practice your technique at our shooting range.

Our shooting range is outfitted with 15 separate lanes that can be used for traditional firearms. Improve your abilities by practicing your aim at our indoor shooting range. Stop by today to learn about our monthly membership packages.

We have a MILO simulator

Our gun range is great for beginners and seasoned gun owners alike. Our shooting lanes are great for handguns and rifles. If you want something that's a little more challenging, try out our MILO simulator lanes. This MILO simulator is:

  • Designed to provide interactive stimulation training exercises
  • A fully tactical live fire simulator
  • Used to train law enforcement, military members, security personnel and public safety employees

Arm yourself with knowledge and confidence by becoming a member of our indoor shooting range today.

Our membership packages

We offer different membership packages based on skill level so you can utilize our amenities effectively. We have basic, intermediate and VIP memberships. Each membership bracket has:

  • Head of the line privileges
  • Discount rates
  • Access to the VIP lounge

Learn more about our inclusive memberships by calling 325-823-4867 now.